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abs0rb.me - v4.0.6
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Are you a Robot?


More changes, more bug fixes, more everything! So this is what's new:

Members System:

  • Patched an issue where some profiles showed an incorrect time played.


  • Fixed the bug where your connection would be doubled and everything would start duplicating.

Game Server:

  • Crazy Bots is now instant merge because of your requests, enjoy!
  • Crazy Minions now has a 10 tick merge delay, and the virus explosions are now equal for popsplits.
  • Bot names were fixed, now they show the full name instead of one character.
  • A captcha system was added to keep those pesky botters out of the game.
  • You can now only connect once with an account since account sharing is no longer allowed. >:(
See you in the next update, enjoy!

Posted by: admin - Posted on: 2018/06/16 - Want to see more?


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Did you know?

If you register an account you will get access to the skins system which will allow you to get cases in the game from mystery cells? Those cases can then be opened to get skins which you can use or trade/sell to other members of the community!

You can also get access to the wide range of clans to join or make your own clan so your clan tag shows up above your name and you can join clan tournaments!

Limited gamemodes are gamemodes that will only appear for a limited time. So make sure you play them while they're still there, or they might be gone forever!


If you're lagging, try turning on low settings. If it continues, try turning mass, clan, and name text off. Turning skins off will also reduce lag.


Themes (fonts & colors; excludes keybinds) can be shared with others via the theme string below. Beware that they are long in length. Resetting the theme will reset all of the options on this tab, and is an irreversible action.

Input the colors as hexadecimal RGB. Invalid colors will have a red outline in the example box.