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Want to stay up-to-date with cases, events, and more? Make sure to check our Discord server for some neat special events, insider info, or to get in contact with the staff team. We have an active community of over 100+ active members chatting there, so if you want to meet people just like yourself, go check it out! We also have a Twitter page that was recently set up @Abs0rbOfficial. This is just for those that want to stay up to date with specific server announcements, status updates, event releases, or pretty much anything else related to the website.

If you have noticed, the Astra case is in Abs0rb. This limited-time case features custom-developed skins just made for the website. You won't find these cases anywhere else, and the case will be gone in just less than a week from this post. Make sure to gather as much as you can before it's gone! Alongside this, we are launching a promotional skin for 2020 on New Year's Eve for just 24 hours. If you log in anytime within the 24 hours you can get it by going to the member's system. We also have giveaways up for the special event skin up on our Discord too, make sure to join.

Posted by: admin - Posted on: 2020/01/1 - Want to see more?


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If you register an account you will get access to the skins system which will allow you to get cases in the game from mystery cells? Those cases can then be opened to get skins which you can use or trade/sell to other members of the community!

You can also get access to the wide range of clans to join or make your own clan so your clan tag shows up above your name and you can join clan tournaments!

Limited gamemodes are gamemodes that will only appear for a limited time. So make sure you play them while they're still there, or they might be gone forever!


If you're lagging, try turning on low settings. Right click to reset keybinds to default or unbind them. You can't unbind default keybinds.


Themes (fonts & colors; excludes keybinds) can be shared with others via the theme string below. Beware that they are long in length. Resetting the theme will reset all of the options on this tab, and is an irreversible action.

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