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abs0rb.me - 3.1.4 (UNKNO)


v4 Beta Incoming

We expect to get a beta of v4 ready on November, fingers crossed.
As promised, it will feature an overhaul in design of both the client and Shop, Inventory and other, a tutorial for all the features of the members system, many more client options and themes, and the promised Clan system and maybe even two new gamemodes. Stay tuned!


Eject mass
Minion eject mass
Minion split
Show this panel
Show player IDs
Open chat

Left click to set, right click to reset to default.

Move your mouse to control your cells
Press Space to split
Hold W to eject mass from your cells

Gather mass with pellets or by eating other players
Right click player cells in-game to invite them into a party
Type /create in chat to create a party link
Type /leave in chat to leave a party
Add people to your Party to view them on the map and compete in Party FFA

Join FFA for the old vanilla experience
Farm in Experimental and steal others' mother cells

Get in a party and compete for coins in Party FFA
Don't team in Solo FFA and you might get prizes
Hunger Games is a fast-paced FFA lobby gamemode
Get clan wars by parties in Territory and get up to 200 coins!

Join Crazy Giant for a quick instant merge game
Get #1 in Self-Feed and get a coin prize
Crazy Self-Feed is self-feeding but with no resets

FFA Minions is a fast-paced teaming gamemode
FFA Insta Minions is instant-merge but with minions
FFA Bots is the old v2 experience
FFA Insta Bots is the ultra fast-paced instant merge

Login to earn coins and join the community!
Earn coins to open cases and get skins.
Trade and sell skins with other players.

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