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Changelog #1

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Posted on: 2018-06-03

v4 Stable is Now Live! - v4.0.0

The grand day has finally arrived. The fourth version of is finally released for everyone to use. We have worked for a long time developing this update and testing it to ensure that it can be the most stable update was have released. This update introduces many changes to the site that we believe everyone will enjoy using, with a pathway for more updates in the future. For the next few months, we are looking towards improving on the features we have added to improve the experience of the website even further! So let's go through the massive list of changes!

  • Clans System: You can now create and join clans natively through the website! Once you join a clan your clan tag will join you on your cell so everyone knows who not to mess with!
  • Security Improvements: We heard your voices and have improved on the security of the website and your account. If we see someone logging into your account from an unknown location, we'll try our best to keep them out by emailing you to ensure it's you!
  • Improved Gameserver: Our whole game server has been rewritten from the ground up to improve the performance and stability of the website. We have also made many balance changes among our game modes, so you get that increased fun-factor!
  • Brand New Client: The client you play on has a major factor to how you play. So we wanted to create the most customizable and feature-rich system so everyone can make the website match to their liking. Go check out some of the new settings you can change in theme and settings.
  • Locked Names: Love a name so much but everyone keeps stealing it from you? You can now purchase locked names with coins through the members system. This will allow you to lock a specific name, and customize the appearance of the name on your cell.
  • Redesigned Members System: The members system is also greatly improved. Many bug fixes, design changes, and backend changes throughout the website, which now make it easier and more convenient to use.
  • Future-Proof: Checking through my time-machine, the website is much faster for us to update. This means updates and features will come much faster to everyone so you can enjoy the updates as fast as possible.

Hope you enjoy the update, for the latest news and giveaways you can visit our Discord server and the Twitter page.

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