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Changelog #12

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Posted on: 2018-10-26

Halloween Event is here! - 4

The weekend is finally here, what a time to plug in those laptops and play Abs0rb all weekend! Many things are happening this weekend, first starting off with the double mystery cell weekend. From now, for the next 48 hours, mystery cells will be doubled. So expect to see more mystery cells and gather more prizes from them. Going along with those double mystery cells, the Midnight case collection has also been released. You can view the case and all its skins at (Make sure to thank @Fenir, this was his first case as case editor!) This case will be out for a limited time, so make sure to get it while it's still available because in two weeks it will be gone from the mystery cells and won't come back for a while. You thought the fun was over? We've got a massive Halloween giveaway going on right now at There are prizes of Midnight cases and coins for the top five that end up winning, alongside those prizes each winner will get the Halloween event skins. Want more changes to get the Halloween event skins? Right now in the Discord, we're going to have giveaways going on all week with more special event skin giveaways. Tell your friends at

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