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Changelog #13

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Posted on: 2018-11-18

Activity, Update, Spark! - 5

Wow, this place has been quite empty for a while, but did you know that sloths sleep between 15 - 18 hours every single day? Anyhow, time to ramble on about stuff you probably don't care for but will read because cool information is found between the paragraphs. Activity with updates has been lacking for the past three weeks, Seth and I are both filled with school and other tasks like tests, homework, university/college applications, and other events that are filling up programming time. I'm getting my fourth major row of tests this week, so most of my time for the rest of this week is for studying. I'll be back starting Friday, so save your suggestions and questions for Friday so I can look at them all at once!

As for challenges, sorry about last weeks mixup with times, it shouldn't (hopefully) happen again! In return for the next 48 hours Spark is back in game! You have 48 hours starting from when this was posted to get Spark from the mystery cells! I'll stop typing now, you got mystery cells to find!

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