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Changelog #16

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Posted on: 2019-02-15

February-March Roadmap - 8

There hasn't been much progress on Abs0rb for the past few weeks, haven't had much time at all to focus on side projects since application results for school come in two months, so I'll be hard at work until then with other school related stuff, won't have much time to put towards Abs0rb. We are still updating challenges every week-ish with challenges similar to each other, hopefully we'll get a new challenge type released in the next few weeks. Remember if you have any questions or concerns let @Seth and @luka know in the Discord channels of #support! We will have some small updates coming out soon to keep the game fun and interesting. Also, did you know the Valentines event is up right now (on Valentines day) for the next 24 hours? Just visit your in-game inventory and click the event link at the top to claim your skin, do it fast though before time runs out. We also have an event giveaway going on in the Discord to win event skins, take a peek at !

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