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Changelog #18

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Posted on: 2019-08-17

4 Years of - 9

It's really been four years since the launch? Holy crap we're old now. For those that have been playing since v2, maybe even v1 era, you're the best. Thank you for supporting us throughout the many years of updates. We will continue to update as much as we can, bringing the community together. For the next seven days we have some really neat things to push for everyone to play with.

- v4.2.0 launch (our biggest update in months!)
- Crazy Limited Time mode launch

- New case release. (Drakon - Permanent case w/ 3x boost for 72 hours)

- In-game skin giveaways! (We'll be joining gamemodes and giving away skins!)

- Promo and event skin launches. (Giveaways for events are on our Discord below!)

- End of case boost.

- Discord XD skin giveaway on our Discord!

- End of limited time gamemode.

A lot of our events will be on Discord, so stay tuned for random giveaways and fun! We also have a montage up with clips from the community! Take a look at it here and let us know what you think in the comment section, you might win something!

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