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Changelog #19

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Posted on: 2019-08-19

So many changes! - v4.2.1

Since there was a news post on the day of v4.2.0, I'll be combining v4.2.1 and v4.2.0's changelogs below.

Members System:

  • New gradients have been splashed onto the panels.
  • Patched some bugs with kicking clan members.
  • Search page for members got a minor update.
  • Minor animation updates across the website.
  • Minor font updates.
  • Graphs were updated for skins while we test removing outliers from sales.
  • Removal of many shadows, there were way too many of them.
  • The footer got a slight change.


  • Opening the page now greets you with a new animation.
  • Minor font updates.
  • New introduction popovers were added for first time visitors.
  • Addition of some neat new gradients.
  • Added a freeze cell option. (This was requested by our friends over on Discord!)
  • Removal of the annoying mobile homescreen popup.
  • Added some neat new icons on the tabs.
  • Some panels got cool shadows.

Game Server:

  • Minor server bugs squashed.
  • New limited time gamemode added.
  • Added AI bots back to the mothercell, got pretty lonely in there.
  • Mystery cell balance updates were made.
Also, the Drakon case got released today! For the next 3 days from this news post there is 7x boost on the case. So go gather as many mystery cells as you can because the boost will be gone after 3 days! To stay up to date with Abs0rb week, make sure to join our Discord. See you next time!

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