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Changelog #2

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Posted on: 2018-06-13

Improvements to v4! - v4.0.4

Welcome to the first news post since the v4 update, let's go through the 4.0.4 changes:

Members System:

  • Clans are now limited to 75 members, too many is bad!
  • Tag contrasts were updated, so now yellows will have white text over instead of black.
  • You can click a players clan when viewing their profile to go to the clan.
  • Smashed multiple bugs in trading and buying skins.


  • Improvements in the pesky lag message.
  • Longer description that talks about the cool features you get when registering for an account.
  • Minor bugs smashed on rendering mass sizes.

Game Server:

  • Crazy Bots was removed since it was only out for a limited time, sad to see it go.
  • Crazy modes now have been reduced from a 30 tick merge to 10 ticks.
  • Chances of mystery cells were reduced for economy balance, too many coins!
  • AI bot support was added to modes under 15 players. This will spawn "smart" bots that will play when lobbies are empty, see you can spot them!
See you in the next update, enjoy!

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