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Changelog #25

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Posted on: 2020-07-14

Our Focus on v5 - 15

We know you all have been requesting new challenges, events, skins and much more. Right now we've got most of our development team focused on v5 and maintaining the current stability of the website.

We're working hard almost every single day to make sure this is our most polished, feature-packed update we've released in the past 5 years. While doing all of this, we are continuing our monitoring of the website to ensure it's up and running as smoothly as possible. So we apologize if there haven't been that many events, cases, or giveaways - this is something we're definitely looking into doing at some point before the v5 release, but right now we're all hands on deck to get v5 out before the end of August. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer, and feel free to continue sending us feedback and suggestions on our Discord, maybe your request will be added right into the update while we work on it? :o

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