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Changelog #26

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Posted on: 2020-07-17

New Gamemode and Case Launch - 16

We've made a few changes to some gamemodes and released a few new ones. The current limited time gamemodes are mainly for testing, if we get enough traction we'll most likely merge them as permanent ones. So, here are the changes:

- Crazy Instant Bots is now a permanent gamemode
- Speed Split is a new test gamemode we've launched, with 256 split, slightly higher split velocity, instant merge, and a higher that default starting mass.
- FFA Bots Lagless is a cut down version of FFA Bots we've launched to test and see if it improves lag.

Let us know your thoughts on our Discord, we'll also be spinning up another European test server sometime this week or next week, so stay tuned for that! One more note, beware of Speed Split as it might be very taxing on most computers, 256 cells is a lot for a computer to handle.

As for cases, we're launching a new mini-case tomorrow! Similar to Astra, the **Lumin** case will feature some unique skins for a limited time. For the first 72 hours in typical abs0rb fashion, the chance of the case will be boosted 5 times more than the normal chance to get a case. The case will only be in-game for 3 weeks, so get ready to gather this brand new limited-edition case! Hope you guys are all having an amazing summer, only one more month until the everyone gets access to v5!

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