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Changelog #28

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Posted on: 2020-08-24

5 Years Already? - 19

Has it really been 5 years already? Let's spin off the end of this half-decade of Abs0rb with a BIG event! I like to call this, the 11 days of Abs0rb (5 year edition) event, or in other words, the almost-2-weeks-but-not-exactly-abs0rb-extravaganza. The event will start tomorrow and will go on for 11 days, featuring the return of many old limited time cases for short periods of time and HUGE EVENTS.

August 25 - 24 hour return of Syrite with 2x boost.
August 26 - 24 hour return of Captal with 2x boost.
August 27 - 24 hour return of Spark with 2x boost.
August 28 - 24 hour return of Blackout with 2x boost.
August 29 - 24 hour return of Crystal with 2x boost.

August 30
- Last day to part in the special 5 year event skin giveaway on our Discord at! Might even give away a few extras on this day to random people chatting on our Discord.

August 31 - 24 hour return of Azura with 2x boost.
September 1 - 24 hour return of Astra with 2x boost.
September 2 - 24 hour return of Zephyr with 2x boost.

September 3
- Last day to take part in our special 5 year event giveaway on Gleam at By completing tasks like liking our facebook, following our Twitter, or answering simple questions, you get enteries into this massive 100,000+ coin giveaway!

September 4 - ??????????. (Join the Discord to see the secret code!)

Thank you everyone for playing Abs0rb and letting us entertain you for half a decade, thank you to all our staff and developers for dedicating their time to making this game a success, and thank you (yes, you!) for even reading this post. See you all in another half-decade, let's go for a decade of Abs0rb!

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