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Changelog #29

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Posted on: 2020-09-05

It's time for Quarantine - 20

Introducing Quarantine! Huh? There was already a Quarantine case? Not anymore, say goodbye to the old case because a new one is coming to an Abs0rb near you! The case has got a complete redesign and update thanks to Zenith, we hope you enjoy this case as much as we did. Here's the plan for current and previous Quarantine case and skin owners.
- All classic Quarantine skins will remain and will be unaffected.
- All classic Quarantine cases are being replaced with the brand new Quarantine case.
- The Quarantine case will be available in mystery cells (with no boost) for the next 7 days.
You can see the case and its items at Keep eating 'em blobs, until next time!

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