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Changelog #3

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Posted on: 2018-06-16

Are you a Robot? - v4.0.5

More changes, more bug fixes, more everything! So this is what's new:

Members System:

  • Patched an issue where some profiles showed an incorrect time played.


  • Fixed the bug where your connection would be doubled and everything would start duplicating.

Game Server:

  • Crazy Bots is now instant merge because of your requests, enjoy!
  • Crazy Minions now has a 10 tick merge delay, and the virus explosions are now equal for popsplits.
  • Bot names were fixed, now they show the full name instead of one character.
  • A captcha system was added to keep those pesky botters out of the game.
  • You can now only connect once with an account since account sharing is no longer allowed. >:(
See you in the next update, enjoy!

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