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Changelog #4

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Posted on: 2018-06-30

The bugs were everywhere! - v4.0.7

Heeey, another update has been released. We have some cool updates planned out for the next few weeks you don't want to miss! This includes an upcoming limited time Crazy Speed to be released, the new Blackout limited time case launch, and some possible giveaways. First, let's go through what's new with the update.

Members System:

  • A typo was fixed in the locked names page, made the game literally unplayable!
  • A second ad was placed in the discrete location at the bottom of the website, we're looking to expand the website.
  • Added support for error reporting, helps us catch those errors faster than before!
  • Fixed a bug where a token was not found when refreshing the page.
  • Fixed a bug when the language file would be missing indexes.
  • Fixed the weird issue where the captcha session would not be found when registering.
  • Fixed an issue where a user kicked from a clan, updating the clan settings would end up with a blank page.
  • Fixed an issue where registration would not check for empty fields.

Game Server:

  • The captcha system was temporarily disabled because it was really annoying, we're looking to making it better.
  • Backend structural changes to decrease the speed it takes us to rollout changes.

Hope you enjoy the update, for the latest news and giveaways you can visit our Discord server and the Twitter page.

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