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Changelog #6

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Posted on: 2018-07-09

It's Giveaway Week! - 2

It's now been a week, and the Blackout case has been tuned down to the same chance as all the other cases. Hope you all gathered as many of the cases as you could in this week because in two more weeks it'll be gone for a long time! We have more cases in store for all of you, including an upcoming flag case that will feature as many of the flags in the world as we can include, so prepare for that case to be released soon.

Speaking about giveaways, there is currently a giveaway going on at our Discord (link at the bottom right) for five Summer skins! These skins are limited time skins that you will not get again until next summer, so make sure to join our Discord and click the giveaway button to have the chance to own one of your own. There will also be many more giveaways throughout this week for multiple more items, so make sure you stay tuned in the Discord for more chances to win. (Even if you don't win right now.)

There will be many updates for the weeks to come, but something big is coming soon.

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