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Changelog #7

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Posted on: 2018-09-09

Morph and Weekly Updates Ahead - v4.0.10

Ketchup in the 1980s was sold as medicine, that's really weird, isn't it? As you've probably noticed we stopped the Weekly News trend because we really ran out of cool things to share. So instead of pinging everyone once a week, we'll ping you guys when we got something amazing to share! (We don't like servers that ping people for bad reasons.)

As you know the Morph case is being released today! I ended up becoming pretty busy this week due to school, but I finally managed to get some important things done. The v4.1 release is scheduled for next week, so I'll be hard at work completing this challenge system and testing it for release in the upcoming days, it's actually looking pretty good right now. Alongside this update, Abs0rb will become a weekly update project for me. For the next year, I will try as hard as I can to push out updates every single week. That is unless if my computer burns out or exams and whatnot. There will be some sort of update every single week, big or small we'll try to include as many features into the website as we can to keep it fresh!

We're going to have applications coming up soon for YouTubers and Designers to become part of our staff team. Everyone learns something when you're working together and it'd be an amazing opportunity for people to collaborate and work together. Until the next update, adios!

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